Faq – What to ask your wedding photographer, questions and answers

What is your photographic style?

Essentially we propose and create a photographic account in a ‘reportage’ style, to capture every moment of your special day with naturalness and spontaneity, whilst allowing you maximum freedom. We also offer (on request) photographic sessions on location, where the couple are guided - to obtain natural photographs in set contexts. Regarding photos with friends and relatives, these are taken only upon request – it is worth remembering that with a reportage style, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be photographed. If you have any special requests, you can of course tell us, without any problem.

Do you only work in Lombardy?

No, we can travel throughout Italy and abroad. Naturally, travel costs and the fact that a wedding in another region may require a commitment of several days will have an influence on the cost.

How do I obtain information and a quotation?

You can contact us at studio@newimagefoto.it or telephone us on the numbers shown in the contact section. We will supply a quotation only for serious requests - we are unable to respond to general requests or based on a price which does not take into consideration the quality and types of services we offer. For detailed requests which stipulate: the type of service you would like, number of hours you are interested in (4,5,6 or all day), number of guests, details of chosen location but above all, whether you have viewed the photos on our blog and if our style matches what you are looking for and which closely reflects you, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation via e-mail.

How far in advance should I contact you?

This is always a difficult question to answer because every year some dates are much more popular than others. However, from our experience, for the months of June, July and September we would advise at least 1 year in advance. Obviously this would be for Saturdays and Sundays, for weekdays you could allow less time.

We visited your studio and liked what we saw but need a little time to think about it – is it possible to provisionally save the date for us and perhaps contact us if another couple is interested in the same date?

It would be possible if the couple only requires a few days, however, we receive many quotation requests and it would be impossible to mark off all the requested dates and then re-contact those undecided.

Do you have any special requirements for the day of the wedding?

We don’t have any particular requirements, apart from (only in the case of a FULL-TIME service) a simple table where we can eat and drink something, but certainly not the full wedding breakfast!

Are you able to give us some advice for the video?

We don’t offer a video service ourselves, but collaborate with various studios, each with a proven track record, with whom we have an established working relationship. It’s possible to work with other studios, but depending on their style (esp. too invasive) we may have some problems respecting our own quality standards.

I really like the reportage style photos but I noticed that you don’t touch up lines, wrinkles or other defects, I never like how I look in photographs – is it not possible to do some airbrushing?

Absolutely not! Reportage represents a true reflection of the day and it’s unthinkable to make a person slimmer or remove a wrinkle which may be there. Likewise, we would not consider changing the angle of the shot to capture a person’s best side ... simply because it is not a fashion shoot.

How many photos do you normally take?

Our wedding photo service does not impose a limit on the number of shots.

Can we choose the album?

How long do you stay at the event?

Our stay is dictated by the requirements of the couple, usually we offer complete coverage of the event, from the bride/groom getting ready right up to the evening dances.

Is it possible to have the original files of the wedding?

Included in the price are all the shots of the wedding in high resolution.

How long is it before we have the proofs? Who chooses the photographs?

When you return from your honeymoon, we will let you have via e-mail the proofs of all the shots taken. At the initial stage, we pick out those we consider most appropriate to recount your day, at a successive stage we will create a draft graphic layout which will be discussed and if necessary modified in accordance with your tastes.

Doyou have any other questions? Contact us without hesitation - we are at your disposal.