T he photographic studio New Image Officina d’Immagine  chose to partner with 5punto6, a leading company in Italy able to offer unique products. The design of the album 5punto6 stems from a concept that twists the classic idea of the photo album, conceived as an object to be read and stored together with the images it contains. The album 5punto6 are designed and engineered to be exposed, experienced, viewed, becoming their own real objects of furniture.

The album 5punto6 items are handmade, each piece is handmade, individually and with unusual materials and innovative. Sheets of Plexiglas, wood slats, leather, wool and French fabrics, interpreted according to an essential, become original containers to collect and exhibit photographs and more.

album fotografici 5punto6 album fotografici 5punto6 album fotografici 5punto6 album fotografici 5punto6


Aunique way to remember, to live and to read the emotions of your wedding.
Our Wedding Magazine will remember not only thanks to the images, but also through what you write. Imagine a photographic story where you have the chance to tell your story, your emotions, your feelings, your hopes, your choices and everything you want to fix in writing to You and giving others the chance to relive the greatest intensity of your marriage and your life. A real emotional investment designed to make your album always present in projecting the future, will give your children the opportunity to read.

A unique tale where the power of images merges the suggestion of your thoughts. All with a modern and elegant layout of cutting typically drafting an authentic magazine bed. The magazine of your wedding.

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